Coach Matt Lawley

Youth Development Coach - President

Matt began running after his oldest daughter came home with information on Etowah Youth Track Club, and quickly became a passionate fan of the sport and the team. Matt is a certified USATF Level 1 Coach, and is always looking for ways to help young athletes not just get better at running, but to truly enjoy it and make it an important part of their life.

Coach Doug Oakes

Youth Development Coach - Vice President

Doug is an experienced runner who brings calm positivity and leadership to every aspect of training and competition. His ability to share his love for running can be seen in his three children who also run for the club as long as they have been old enough to do so.

Coach Clint Kallbreier

Treasurer - Coach

Clint's love for running began in college and continues today. Clint has participated in numerous 5K, 10K, half-marathons, marathons and trail races. One can often see Clint running around the Towne Lake area in preparation for his next event. Clint has been involved in the Etowah Youth Track club for the last 2 years and looks forward to helping the local youth grow in their love running and building their confidence.

Coach Blythe Daniels

Youth Development Coach

Coach Jonathan Blanchard

Youth Development Coach